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Gabriella Calicchio August 2017

Gabriella Calicchio

This county arts director wants to make Marin a destination for more than just the great outdoors.

Albert Straus July 2017

Albert Straus

The well-known West Marin dairy farmer discusses organic farming, immigration issues and challenges facing the food-producing region.

Fay Zenoff June 2017

Fay Zenoff

Leading an organization that hopes to remove the shame of recovery from addiction and bring those stories to the light of day.

Judy Arnold May 2017

Judy Arnold

After several decades in public life, this Marin County supervisor still loves what she does.

Matt Willis April 2017

Matt Willis

With issues like opioid addiction, low vaccination rates and unequal access, being a public health officer has never been more important.

Richard Rubin March 2017

Richard Rubin

The new chairman of the Commonwealth Club went from fan to administrator.

Heidi LaGrasta February 2017

Heidi LaGrasta

The executive director of MarinMOCA is improving the quality of art you can see in Marin.

Barbara Waxman January 2017

Barbara Waxman

From crisis to creativity, this Kentfield resident is redefining how we think about midlife.

Yoga Moves Marin January 2017

Yoga Moves Marin

Beautiful poses in stunning locations to inspire a healthy take on the New Year.

Steve Kinsey December 2016

Steve Kinsey

After five terms stretching over 20 years, Marin’s 4th District supervisor reflects on the past and considers the future.

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