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Looking Back



A Tale of Two Cities August 2017

A Tale of Two Cities

What a difference a hundred years makes.

What Might Have Been July 2017

What Might Have Been

In the mid-1950s, Richardson Bay was set to contain 2,000 homes and a marina.

Summer of Love Kickoff June 2017

Summer of Love Kickoff

Two days of rock music on the mountain.

Big Band Fun May 2017

Big Band Fun

For more than 25 years, couples danced at the Redwood Bowl’s outdoor music event.

Anti-development Success Story April 2017

Anti-development Success Story

Although not much has changed physically in San Geronimo, its residents have had plenty of societal impact.

Collision Course March 2017

Collision Course

A tragedy on the bay in the dark of night.

Swarming Trainers February 2017

Swarming Trainers

Three dozen Kaydets buzz the nascent Golden Gate Bridge

Second Feature January 2017

Second Feature

After 45 years of silence, there are signs of life at the Novato Theater.

A Christmas Gift December 2016

A Christmas Gift

A storm left Mount Tamalpais in snow and Belvedere battered but with prospects of better things to come.

Looking Back: Suspension Story November 2016

Looking Back: Suspension Story

Take a look back at the marvelous construction of the Golden Gate Bridge and its suspension cables.

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