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A Must-Have Book for Paddlers

I have never fancied my blog as a review blog as I like to recommend equipment, techniques and tips that have worked for me personally. Recently, however, I picked up a new book written by Suzie Cooney called How to Increase Your Standup Paddling Performance. It is a must-have book if you are a standup paddler or even an outrigger paddler. Cooney lives on Maui and has built a business coaching beginner to elite standup paddle athletes. Not a rookie when it comes to standup paddling, Cooney has raced a standup paddleboard in many of the hardest ocean crossings in Hawaii and is a hopelessly addicted downwind paddler on Maui. She breaks the sport down and explains each movement on a standup paddleboard. Included in her book is a suite of exercise techniques to help increase performance and reduce injury.

This book covers every aspect of standup paddle from understanding the different types of boards and paddles to strengthening the mind and body to be more efficient on the water. Yes, it’s a book about increasing your SUP performance but in my humble opinion, it’s a book that covers every aspect of standup paddling on and off the water. Pick up a copy on Amazon or come to her book signing this coming Sunday September 27th at Bluerush Boardsports in Sausalito.

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