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Car Crazy

Three Marin aficionados who share a love of speed, metal and chrome.

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There’s something about automobile collecting that ignites an unbridled passion in certain folks. For three Marin car enthusiasts — a rock star, an advertising agency owner and a lumber store magnate — the fervor for classic automobiles and exotic sports cars can only be described as turbocharged. Click through the pages to read more about each car enthusiast, and be sure to check out the gallery below for more photos of Hagar's, Lauber's and Goodman's collections.

Sammy Hagar: Ferrari Amore

MILL VALLEY’S SAMMY HAGAR is one fun-loving guy, a well-known rocker and a bona fide motor head. The curly-coifed Red Rocker’s wildly successful career — lead singer and guitarist for Montrose, Van Halen and supergroup Chickenfoot; tequila tycoon, nightclub owner (Cabo Wabo), restaurateur (El Paseo) and author (Red) — has fueled his passion for luxury sports cars, Ferraris in particular.

Hagar’s San Rafael warehouse doubles as an office, music studio and repository for tons of amps, speakers and guitars. But also deep inside is his prized collection of Ferraris, along with a vintage Jaguar, Lotus Elise, Aston Martin Vanquish S, and muscle cars like an El Camino 454, a Ford GT and a custom-made ’68 Shelby Mustang replica (some paperwork lists it as a 1967), which, says Hagar, “makes too much noise, smells like gas and burns rubber. It’s too much for Marin.”

Hagar arrives at his San Rafael warehouse in a black BMW Z8 Alpina convertible with a red interior, one of 555 made. He parks it next to another rarity, the aforementioned Aston Martin, one of only 43 made. “It’s a little heavy and sounds fantastic,” he notes. “It’s one of the most beautiful cars on the planet.” Keeping company with the Aston: a 2008 599 Fiorano Ferrari, a two-seater supercar that’s a “scary death car,” according to Hagar. “It’s a real race car.”

Another of Hagar’s Italian steeds is a black 1984 400i Ferrari automatic, a four-seater V-12 “that makes a nice racket,” he says. “It’s a luxury car and Ferrari don’t make many luxury cars. I bought it brand new in 1984 when my son Andrew was born and I needed a four-seater.” Since Hagar is a diehard Ferrari guy, this mean machine was a perfect family car, Sammy-style.

But Hagar’s most prized Ferrari is a 1972 GTB Daytona, a front-engine V-12, all hand-made aluminum and glowing in classic Ferrari red. “When it first came out, it was the world’s fastest production car, 180 miles an hour,” says Hagar. “It’s a little scary on a track.”

Parked next to the Ferraris is one of Hagar’s favorite drives: the Lotus Elise, which he describes as “just a little race car, only 240 horsepower, but it’s as fast as anything here, especially around the track. It’ll burn any one of these cars; it’ll rip them out. It goes around a corner flat out. I’ve never been in any go-cart like this. This is a go-cart for the street. I drive this car and the Z8 more than any of my other cars.”

Hagar, who tours with his band Chickenfoot, one of the world’s premier bands, is rocking as hard as ever. But he’s also a family man. Outside his garage is a classic 1956 Chevy station wagon that his son Aaron converted into a whimsical woody, “a rum runner” complete with a slide-in tiki bar in the back. “I bought my wife a Tesla, which for a motor head is a giant step, but I love it. It’s an unbelievable car. I can’t say enough about what a different mindset you get driving that car,” he says. “I’m sure all the Mill Valley residents have seen all these cars at some point sitting out front of El Paseo.”

Hagar pretty much sums up his rock-star life in the lyrics to Chickenfoot’s “Soap on a Rope”: Got money, got fame, fast cars and everythang. With a custom-fitted LaFerrari, one of the world’s most exotic supercars, coming soon to his collection, the guy definitely can’t drive 55, even if he wanted to.

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