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Your Letters

Check the Miles

I enjoy reading your magazine every month as it has a variety of interesting articles. My husband and I have a home in Knights Valley in Sonoma County (from which we evacuated October 8) and access it from Mark West Springs Road off of 101. I read with great interest your breaking news column (Editor’s Note, December) in the latest issue and noticed that you went to Safari West post-fire to interview Peter Lang. We drive by there on the way to our home so are very familiar with the route and are not sure how someone thought it was 20 miles or so from 101 to get to Safari West. The actual mileage is closer to five or less. The scope of devastation on that route is hard to drive though (and in fact we were shut out until about three weeks after the fire), so while it may seem like a 20-mile drive [due to] all the devastation, the author may want to check her odometer. I enjoyed the article and interviews of the fire survivors very much! Thank you for the great magazine. Keep up the good work.

Oh Deer

I have never written a response to any article in your magazine, or any other magazine, but I was appalled when I read your piece called “Deer Debate” (December). I would like to say I am shocked to read that opinions in the community are split, but sadly I am not. This sums up exactly what is wrong about Marin County currently. The fact that a group of people in Belvedere want to dart-tranquilize, and surgically sterilize, the female native black-tailed deer is incomprehensible. To those people, I would like to point out the operative word in that sentence “native.” The whole reason I chose to move to Marin County, and not San Francisco, decades ago was to be able to experience the beauty of the local animals, and not the architecture of the high-rises. Many nights I have sat outside my house just to watch the doe and her fawn trot up the street. I consider myself blessed to be able to be surrounded by such beauty and it is so simple to live harmoniously with all of them; you just have to use common sense and not be self-centered.


True Tale

One word to describe your story of that brave mom who lived through an addiction nightmare (“Getting My Child Back,” November) with both of her kids while her marriage blew up — brutal!


Healing Conversation

I am so happy that Marin Magazine did the article on Jerry Jampolsky and Diane Cirincione (Conversation, December). The article and photos were perfect and so well done. I had written to you back in 2014 after the Attitudinal Healing International conference because I knew that Marin residents would love getting to see more of these amazing people. Their work locally, statewide and worldwide has made a huge difference in thousands of people’s lives. We have witnessed their work and connections for years and are continually impressed and grateful for all that they do and are in this world. My husband and I love Marin Magazine and are so grateful that you are here bringing our residents to life in such vibrant and informative ways. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


A Veg Mistake

We did think it was a little strange that you put the foie gras in the vegetarian section (“Best of the County,” August). But Le Garage was happy to be included. Yes we do have the vegetarian basquaise on the menu (or some variation of it) regularly. Thanks!


Your comments may be edited for clarity and brevity. Send letters to Marin Magazine, One Harbor Drive, Suite 208, Sausalito, CA 94965, or email us at letters@marinmagazine.com. Please include the town where you live and a daytime phone number.

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