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Travel Buzz

Prehistoric Fun
Have some prehistoric fun on a Dinosaurs Rock, Fossil Dig and Gemstone Hunt in Central Utah this June 27-29. “Unlike on super-expensive university digs, everyone is guaranteed to find real specimens,” says Neil Brown, cofounder of the program. Current itinerary includes a “prehistoric journey” to dig for 65-million-year-old dinosaur bones, a trilobite (500-million-year-old sea bug) excavation from a shale quarry, a topaz gemstone hunt and excavating the dazzling crystal-filled Dugway geodes. For more info go to dinosaursrock.com

Hugged a giant lately?
Looking for a road trip this summer? Celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Avenue of the Giants. Created in 1960, the avenue offers visitors a leisurely drive of 32 miles through easily accessible redwood parks, trails, campgrounds and attractions, including drive-through trees, the 950-year-old Immortal Tree and the largest contiguous expanse of old-growth coastal redwoods in the world, the Rockefeller Forest. To help plan your day or weekend, the Save the Redwoods League has come up with 50 ways to enjoy the Avenue of the Giants, such as locate a rare albino redwood (photo above), hike Humbolt’s 100 miles of trails, or take an easy half-mile stroll highlighting the 375-foot Dyerville Giant, once the tallest tree in the world, which fell in 1991. For more info visit savetheredwoods.org or avenueofthegiants.net

Golf Alert
Kick off the weekend early this summer with Carmel Valley Ranch’s Five Holes on Friday package. This value package includes five holes of golf on the Pete Dye course on any Friday afternoon and overnight accommodations in a suite with views of Carmel Valley starting at $305 (except June 18) thru June. carmelvalleyranch.com

Travel with Peggy and Purpose
This month, adventurer Peggy Day of Sausalito travels to Chushul Home in Tibet, an orphanage she helped build 12 years ago. A veteran traveler in the region, Day leads tours of Tibet, Bhutan and Mongolia. Her Tibet adventure includes a stop in Beijing to visit spots like the Great Wall, the Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square as well as time spent helping children at Chushul Home. And, she notes, “His Holiness is well aware of Chushul Home, so it’s a good conversation starter, if you ever get the chance to meet him.” For more on her experience and the opportunity to join in, go to marinmagazine.com/travel

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