5 Things to Keep You Sane During Coronavirus Shelter-in-Place This Week

A few ideas of things to do when you going outside is limited.

9 Ways to Attract Birds to Birds to Your Garden

Marin Garden Birds 0419 1024x827Add some color and diversity to what’s going on outside your window by attracting local birds. Fortunately, Marin has multitudes of both migrating and resident birds. Our mild weather, myriad microclimates and diverse wooded vegetation attract a variety of winged friends that can be spotted and admired year-round. Birds are also beneficial for pollination, pest control and wildlife conservation. Here are ways to create an avian-friendly yard.

Wine Speak: Defining your Wine Palate and Vocabulary

Blogpic Redwineglassesrsz1Are you being invited to more virtual happy hours than you and your alcohol tolerance can handle? Us too. Bring someone else to the table aside from a flushed face with some new wine vocab. Sharpen your ability to figure out what you like and why you like it, you can get on the road to buying more efficiently for your palate. The language of wine is also important as it helps convey your thoughts more clearly to describe what you taste.

Open the Front of Your Body (Yoga pose)

Marin Yoga Nov AnjaneyasanaAmong the things this yoga pose does, is help you connect with gratitude. It also opens the hip flexor on one leg, while stretching the gluteal and hamstring muscles on the other. All kinds of goodness going on here. In order to do this pose, the parts of the body that are planted on the ground need to really root down. As you do this, you will rebound up through the core.

Spring Crafts for Kids

Pencils In Stainless Steel Bucket 159644Trying to clean your house but are looking for activities to keep your kids active and engaged? The two can actually go hand-in-hand. These spring-themed crafts make use of recycled items commonly found in junk drawers and cabinets and help you spruce up any desk or workspace while also preventing “sticky fingers” from walking off with your pens.

How to Make a Spanish Tortilla

Spanish Tortilla Brunch (28577894802)Unlike tortillas as we know them here, a Spanish tortilla uses only three everyday ingredients — eggs, potatoes and onions — and is tender, almost fluffy, sometimes very gently browned on the outside. This tortilla of Spain is served in slices, either hot or at room temperature, for any meal of the day, classically accompanied by crusty bread, a green salad, and a glass of wine.

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