A Cup for GI Joe

While you probably won’t see a Green Beans Coffee cafe unless you are overseas on a U.S. military base, you also might not know that this international operation, spanning 10 countries and founded by two brothers (Jason and Jon Araghi), is run out of a small office right here in San Rafael. That said, you can still buy a cup of the company’s “joe” for $2 — you won’t get to sip it, but it will be received by a soldier overseas. Purchase a cup of coffee via the website and jot a personal email to a GI; both freshly brewed coffee and message will be randomly delivered to a soldier for pickup at a Green Beans cafe on base. Since the Cup of Joe program was launched 10 years ago, nearly 2 million cups have been served and the Facebook page has attracted some 750,000 fans and followers. A percentage of money from every sale is donated to organizations that support American troops, Gold Star families and children. greenbeanscoffee.com

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