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Entertain with creative, delicious dishes from Whole Foods Market this holiday season.

When you’re putting together the menu for a big holiday shindig it’s easy to get overwhelmed. And in Marin, where we’re lucky to have award-winning chefs cook around every corner, the bar is high. There are appetizers, side dishes, main courses, wine pairings and desserts to consider. It’s a lot to take on, and it’s important to do it well.

But fear not holiday host, you have an entire crew of professionals ready to help you. Just head to your nearest Whole Foods Market and let their expertise make your life easy.

Fishmongers & Butchers & Personal Choppers, Oh My!

Professional chefs have mastered the art of efficiency in the kitchen. So anything you can do to make the most of your kitchen time is going to help reduce stress. The produce department is your personal prep cook; it carries every type of pre-chopped veggie you can imagine. The butchers and fishmongers can prep gorgeous proteins anyway you’d like. Need a few chickens spatchcocked? No problem. Put some shrimp on skewers and marinate them? They’re on it.

I Can’t Even in the Kitchen Right Now

Ok. Maybe other chefs are chefs for a reason, and you don’t actually want to cook. Or you’ve over committed to parties and have simply run out of time. Whole Foods Market’s chefs can cook everything. It’ll turn out great and you can even pretend you did it all – and there is no party too big or dietary lifestyle too strict for them to handle.

Look for something tasty in the Whole Foods Market holiday menu.

Ordering is easy. Either stop in the store and visit the holiday table or order online at:

Drink and Be Merry

Did you know: a chunk of Parmigiano Reggiano and a glass of full-bodied red wine is not only a tasty combo, but tyrosine crystals in the cheese may reduce stress hormone levels? Whole Foods Market’s cheese expert Jeremy did. So let the wine specialists and cheesemongers suggest wine pairings and help you assemble an award winning cheese plate. Whole Foods Market offers case discounts on wine, which is most excellent if you’ve got a lot of friends to entertain.

Give It A Shot: Creamy Cauliflower and Apple Soup Shooters

This recipe is really fun (and vegan!) and will be all over your guest’s Instagram feed. Finish it up just as your guests start to arrive. It gives your party a little bit of that “kitchen theater” vibe.

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