Cannabis Delivery with Service and Connection at its Heart

Local brother-and-sister-owned ONA Boutique Cannabis Concierge has a refined and quality-driven approach to cannabis delivery.

When you look at Boutique Cannabis Concierge‘s extensive and beautifully displayed menu, you’re sure to notice variety, quality and a distinct focus on local partners. What you won’t see right away (but what’s most striking and unique) is that each of ONA’s partners is chosen with a commitment to community, education and giving back. Founder Nurit Raphael has curated ONA’s menu from day one and states with pride that ONA proud partners (as she likes to call them) are all picked carefully to align with ONA’s own mission.

“The main thing we search for when bringing in new brands is their vision for giving back. How do they serve the community and what do they stand for?” Every product on ONA’s shelves is not just a representation of quality and value but a building block in making the growing cannabis empire a driving force for good on the local, regional and global level.

ONA is proud of its local niche market as a personalized service that’s particularly popular with women, young parents and busy professionals. More than just a delivery service, ONA provides personalized attention in the form of in-depth product education, exemplary customer service and delivery that works around your schedule. Maybe that’s part of why ONA received SF Magazine‘s Best of the Bay award and excellence in service award by the SF Chronicle.

Founded by a brother and sister team, part of ONA’s mission lies in supporting women entrepreneurs, especially in the health and wellness industry. Recently, ONA partnered with clothing company Phat Buddha to deliver a playful range of athletic/leisure wear that supports women in feeling good inside and out.

Continuing with this theme, the signature Elevate + Flow event is a perfect example of how ONA is working to de-stigmatize cannabis and bring it mainstream in the health and wellness community. Held in Healdsburg, this day retreat is a partnership that combines yoga, wellness and cannabis education to shift perspectives around the role cannabis can play in a healthy lifestyle.

ONA is excited to show their own passion for giving back to the community through their Random Acts of Kindness initiative. In September, ONA pledged to help a struggling local family deal with medical bills for their hospitalized newborn by donating $1 from every sale to the family’s GoFundMe. With an undisclosed total donation amount, ONA is proud to pronounce that their last donation amount of $1,147 brought the Nunzes family GoFundme campaign to their full goal. Nurit says excitedly that “this is just the beginning of a project we plan to continue indefinitely. Next, we’ve decided to turn our support towards a local Marin toddler dealing with a diagnosis of deaf/blindness. We’re so happy that we can facilitate making this impact through our business and community connections.”

Head to ONA to watch for upcoming educational events and check out our incredible product selection for both medicinal and recreational use. Nurit and Aviv Raphael welcome you to the ONA family and invite you to click here to sign up for our ONA community newsletter to stay in the know.


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