Island Life

The crown jewel of this remodel is a 10-person kitchen gathering place that guests love.

Out of the Fog

A new home in San Rafael provides the perfect excuse to leave the city.

Close to Town

A vintage Mill Valley home was enough to lure this couple off the mountain.

Keep What You Love

When a local realtor bought a house to rehab and resell, he never expected to call it his home.

Make Room for Baby

A Mill Valley family moves out for this intensive remodel, but saves as much money as possible for the kitchen.

Finding Marin

Real estate experts with an eye for design discover the perfect project in San Rafael.

The Next Chapter

A casual glance at a for-sale sign leads to finding the perfect Tiburon home.

A Good Deal

Getting an offer they couldn’t refuse on their Kent Woodlands home, a family uproots and finds the ideal house in San Rafael.

Change of Plans

With an eye on the active real estate market, a family decides now is the time to buy.

Staying Local

A move to a new house in the same neighborhood offers more space and fun places to play.

Bridge Views

Empty nesters patiently waited for the perfect Tiburon home.

Natural Fit

Boston transplants find a San Rafael Eichler that satisfies all the items on their wish list.

Bye-Bye L.A.

A former music publicist finds a San Anselmo home that is music to her ears.

Team Effort

San Anselmo: When it comes time to go back to your roots, it pays to get the whole family involved.

Leveling Out

San Rafael: A contemporary floor plan puts the family chef in the middle of the action.

Think Big

A home for a family of athletes. Here's this month's Backstory.

Coming in First

In matters of real estate, a young family learns the importance of trusting their instincts.

Timeless Classic

A couple trades in their modern house for something with a little more backstory.