Editor’s Note

Leading the Charge

Last month’s power outage and other effects of the Kincade Fire resulted in several versions of this column, written at local coffee shops, and a newfound sense of community.

Editor's Note: Be Well

Letter from the editor, Mimi Towle, celebrates fall harvest and shares learnings from Futurewell and regenerative agriculture.

Editor's Letter: Balls in the Air

READING THROUGH OUR second annual “Celebrating Women” issue, I’m beaming with community pride. Last year the issue was a huge success, and the challenge this year was to repeat it. I wasn’t sure if we could pull it off. How…

Food for Thought

A closer look at the dollar-per-calorie ratio found at the farmers’ market.

Editors Note A New Era

Science is pushing the limits of what can be done with your DNA, but is everyone ready for that?

Editor's Note - Stick to it

Whatever method you choose to stay healthy — dance, meditation, hiking, stretching — it only works if you keep at it.