Bali: Exploring Ubud

Escaping reality in this upland town is harder than it seems and the footprints of the Western world have left an impression.

A Trip to London

In London it is possible to walk in the footsteps of kings, queens, princes and princesses.


A Finnish ice hotel and a Santa add flavor to a wild wintry adventure.

Journey: Iran

Exploring an ancient Middle Eastern country in the heat of summer.

Fantasy Islands

They come in many forms and exist all over the planet; here we bring you three of the best island escapes. Journey to the home of a former Hollywood legend, to a surfers’ paradise and to an expansive estate on a once-private island now open to all (who can afford it).

Russia's Far East

A rare expedition provides glimpses of Cold War ruins, earthly explosions and extraordinary wildlife.


What a difference a decade makes: a visitor and a city have both grown up.


On the trail of a famous composer, old friends gather in the city of fog for shopping, food and music.


Drinking in the Irish countryside and the Irish whiskey.

Pitcairn Island

Travel back in time through the history of this small, raucous island.


While on safari, a Novato resident gets a fresh reminder of her place in the universe.


Amid growing military conflict, a Sausalito adventure tour leader travels to the most unlikely of destinations. Be sure to check out the gallery at the bottom of the page for beautiful photos from Pakistan.

South Africa

Thinking about going to South Africa? Matthew Richard Poole has all the details of what to expect in this month's Journey story.


The perfect Christmas fairy tale can be found in Denmark. Lynda Balslev shares where to go, what to eat, what to do and more.


After a near-fatal accident, one adventure guide decides to live for today.


Have you ever been to Kolkata? The Schells decided to go on a motorcycle tour of Kolkata. What they thought was a two-hour trip, turned into an seven-hour adventure.