Marin History

The Wright App

We take a look at some interesting metrics gathered from a local history app.

Paving New Roads

Marin County's first female Supervisor, Vera Schultz, was a woman ahead of her time.

Fine Food

Coastal Marin has a long history of feeding Bay Area residents.

Wade Who?

Find out how these Marin schools got their names. Associate Editor Kasia Pawlowska has the details.

Breakfast Club

Old and new friends have shared more than 10,000 morning meals at the same table.

Before the Bridges

Many present-day landmarks are on this (almost) 100-year-old aerial map. Can you spot them?

The First Great Portal to Marin

The Hyde Street Pier and Maritime National Historic Park offer a fascinating before-the-bridges look at an important time in Bay Area transportation history.

Soothing Sutro

In 1916, the trip to the San Francisco baths from Marin took about two hours and cost less than a dollar.