Marin Matters

#MeToo In Marin

In the social media age, navigating sexual situations and power dynamics is more challenging than ever.

August Yoga Pose Of The Month

Chaturanga Dandasana (chat-ahr-AWNG-ah don-DAH-sah-nah) This month’s yoga pose is dedicated to Maty Ezraty, whose recent untimely death sent shockwaves and sadness throughout the worldwide yoga community. Even though I did not train directly under Ezraty, her influence flows through my…

National Kitten Day

July 10th is a day to raise awareness and celebrate kittens in need. We talked to a volunteer at Marin Humane to learn more.

Out & About, Music: May

The Bay Area has a thriving music scene and Marin is no musical slouch either. Here are the listings from our latest issue, highlighting mostly Marin and the rest of the Bay Area too.