Marin Restaurants


Taking advantage of the proximity of the coastal Marin and Sonoma milk shed, local ice cream makers are keeping things cool. On a hot day, these spots are tops.

Eat It Up

These eight spots may not be as convenient as your local Starbucks, but they’re worth the trek.

Tastemakers 2016

With so much culinary talent here in Marin, there can never be too many chefs in the kitchen. Here's this year's Tastemakers feature story.

Holiday Comfort

Chef Michael Pihl shares Bungalow 44’s secret to marvelous mashed potatoes.

Chef's Life

It’s not easy working in the same restaurant for 20 years, but this Sausalito cook wouldn’t have it any other way.

Family Favorite

Are you a lover of Comforts' Chinese chicken salad? Well chef and owner Glenn Miwa shares his recipe for donburi this month's Flavor.

Marin Tastemakers 2015

We asked and you answered. Here's your Marin Tastemakers 2015 story, featuring the restaurants you chose. Don't miss out on our Tastemakers 2015 contest. Read on for the details.


Here are your lunch picks for Marin Tastemakers 2015.


Here are your picks for dessert in Marin Tastemakers 2015.


Check out your picks for dinner in this year's Marin Tastemakers feature.


Your go-to spots for cocktails in Marin Tastemakers 2015.

Bar Bites

Here are the bar bites picks for Marin Tastemakers 2015.

Rustic Bakery's Caesar Salad Updated

When was the last time you went to Rustic Bakery at the Marin Country Mart for a good lunch? Debra Tarrant tells you about their Caesar Salad Updated.

Anyone Can Cook

For our flavor section this month we feature Chef Chris Douglas of Ross Valley Kitchen and his seared rare yellowfin tuna recipe.

A Taste of TASTE

Be sure to check out TASTE Kitchen & Table, a new café opening in Fairfax. Calin Van Paris has all the details.

Thoroughly French

Have you been to Fast Food Francais in Sausalito yet? We've got your inside look and a great recipe.

The Tequila Trail

Don't have Cinco de Mayo plans yet? That's okay because we've got all you need to know about Marin's Tequila Trail.