Good Deeds

These 25 nonprofits are improving the lives of many Marin residents.

Big Ballot

A point of view on the many topics voters will weigh in on this month.

What Is Vimizim

Developing a life science economy around the Buck Institute is good for Marin — and humanity.

Ballot Breakdown

The June 7 ballot only looks complicated; the decisions are simple — and few. Here's Jim Wood's POV.

Downtown Challenge

Is it time for local merchants to step up their game? Here's Jim Wood's point of view.

Leashing Out

Local laws meant to protect the environment aren’t always followed.

Big Issues

Heading into a new year, who’s responsible for what? Here's this month's POV.

Homeless in Marin

Here's Jim Wood's takeaway about the controversial plan by Hugo Landecker to reduce, if not eliminate, homelessness in San Rafael.

Who's Driving?

How do you feel about driverless cars? Here's what Jim Wood has to say. Leave your opinion in the comments below.

Recreating Your Brain

Looking for some talks that will get your brain buzzing? Jim Wood has all the info for you.

Above Water

California is in a drought, but Marin County is blessed with water. Here is Jim Wood's POV on this hot topic.

Small Change

This month's POV is about the Community Service Fund. Read on to see what Jim Wood has to say.

Who's in Charge?

Jim Wood talks about leadership in Marin in this month's POV. Read on for more.

A Busy New Year

Jim Wood tells us about three Marin endeavors to watch in 2015. Read on to learn more.

Affordable Housing

Affordable housing in Marin is a hot topic that warrants a variety of opinions. Jim Wood covers the topic in this month's POV.

The Big Picture

Marin County's issues are solvable, but some world issues may not be. Jim Wood expresses his point-of-view.

Your Letters

Thanks for the feedback! Here are your letters to the editors.

Your Letters

Eds.: Jim Wood’s July editorial, “Stay CALM,” tackled the controversial topic of high-density housing in Marin and looked at the groups both for and against. The column obviously hit a nerve — we received many letters, phone calls and social…


Jim Wood's point of view about the groups in Marin County.

Weather Report

This summer, I've caught myself complaining about Marin's overcast mornings. Far better this, I then remind myself, than the heat, drought and firestorms other areas are facing. Like millions world-wide, I' thinking more and more about what might be causing…