Dog of the Month: Special Agent Farley

This Sausalito Great Dane is a popular dog about town, whether he's sailing, contributing at watercolor classes or just walking along Bridgeway.
Farley contemplating what to do with his day.

Special Agent Farley lives in Sausalito on the edge of the Golden Gate Recreational Area with Lucinda Eubanks and her boyfriend, Steven Woodside.

This Great Dane is a very busy pup. He works part time with Steven who is executive director of Call of the Sea, and the rest of the time joins Lucinda at her watercolor classes at Cavallo Point, where she is the resident artist, leading team-building watercolor classes along with weekly classes.

“Farley often goes with me to my watercolor classes,” she says. “He loves the attention he gets from people who meet him. Oh, the looks I get when I don’t take him!”

Here’s some more info from Lucinda about her adorable pup:

Farley watercolor

How did you two meet?

I rescued Farley when he was a year-and-a-half old. He just turned five in December.

I had a Great Dane called T-Rex, who was with me for nine years. He passed away in December of 2015. During the middle of April 2016 I had a very vivid dream that T-Rex came to the new home we had recently moved into. He walked up our stairs, came down the hallway into our bedroom and stood by the bed and said, “I’m here to see how you are doing. How are you doing?” It was so real I sat up in bed and said, “T-Rex came back to life.” I thought, well, this is a sign that we should get another Great Dane.

Not 24 hours later, a breeder in Dixon emailed me and said one of her Great Dane puppies came back to her because the owners had three kids under six-years-old, and could not give him the attention he needed. I said, here it is! I drove up to Dixon a few days later, and met the puppy, named Diesel.  The breeder and I sat on the grass while he ran around, and then came over to me to promptly sat on my lap.  I said, “I’ll take him.”


Lucinda, Steven and Farley on the Golden Gate Bridge during the women’s march.

How did Farley get his name?

I didn’t think Diesel was the right name, so we started looking at other ones.  I enjoyed the Farley Bar there, and after running though all sorts of other ideas, I decided I would call him “Farley.” His grandfather’s name was Special Agent TR, so that’s why he’s Special Agent Farley.


Farley saying hello to his 100-year-old friend.

Does Farley have a favorite snack or treat?

I support the Marin Humane Society, and through them I was introduced to the Wagster Dog Treats.  I love their story and feel good about supporting them too.

Farley on his “union break” during class at Cavallo.

Does Farley sleep in your bed?

Farley had his own bed which is a lounge underneath the windows that meet in the corner of the bedroom.  He probably has the best view from his bed in Sausalito.

Does Farley have any favorite places to go for a walk?

He’s an ambassador for Sausalito as he loves to greet people from all over the world on our walks down Bridgeway.


Farley on Rodeo Beach, getting blessed by a dog he just met.

Tell us something unique about him.

Farley loves to sit on the couch and watch TV like a person. Here he is watching the inauguration. He also watched the Kavanaugh hearing.


Farley watching Melania Trump during the inauguration.

Anything more we should know about Farley?

Sadly, Farley has a tumor on his gum. We had it removed in September, but it has grown back and is larger now. I’ve taken him to a new vet that was recommended by a friend and it is indeed cancerous. We now have to remove it again and take his lower canine tooth. The vet has assured me it will be fine in the end, but his tongue will stick out. He is a very dignified dog, so I will do my best he never sees what he looks like in the mirror.


At Marin offices we were honored to get an in-person visit from Farley! Jessica, Lucinda and Farley.

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