Large Format Photography Workshop

June 22, 2019 @ 10:00 am – June 30, 2019 @ 4:00 pm
The Image Flow
401 Miller Avenue
#Suite A, Mill Valley, CA
Large Format Photography Workshop @ The Image Flow |  |  |

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Learn how to work large format cameras in the classroom and on location, print black and white photos, and discover a whole world of inspiration.

with Rory Earnshaw

Large format camera techniques — which we’ll explore in depth in this workshop — force you to slow down your process, allowing for more contemplative images with a traditional photography look.


In this 4-session workshop, Rory Earnshaw will inspire you with images by the Masters of large format, and teach you the skills needed to work with 4×5 field cameras. This unique imaging format camera allows the photographer to have greater control through its movement capabilities. The stunning details and tonal range of both the large negative and final print are truly inspiring.

To make this workshop as accessible as possible, Rory will supply large format camera kits and black and white negative film for each student!


Saturday will be spent at The Image Flow, learning about and practicing your new skills. Sunday we’ll meet at Mare Island to create beautiful images with vast tonality and shadows, and learning adaptive skills to take your large format photography on location.

The following Saturday, each student will spend 90 minutes with Rory in the darkroom learning the elements of black-and-white printing as we print from our negatives.


Sunday will close with a 2-hour final class and critique of your black and white darkroom prints.

Class times are listed n the webpage.

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