Renée Bott and Deloss Webber: In Harmony

September 3, 2019 – September 29, 2019 all-day
Seager Gray Gallery
Donna Seager and Suzanne Gray
Renée Bott and Deloss Webber: In Harmony @ Seager Gray Gallery |  |  |

Seager Gray Gallery presents Renée Bott & Deloss Webber: In Harmony. The exhibition runs from August 29 to September 29 with a reception for the artists on Sunday, September 8 from 3 to 5 pm.

Book pages provide the underlying armature for the works of Renée Bott. Her work is based on the minute and detailed lines found in etchings and engravings from the 17th century. She collects her source materials from museums, antique print dealers, and private collections. She photographs the prints and uses photoshop to digitally modify the images, which serve as general outlines for her compositions which she renders with paint and ink upon the surface of the book pages.

At the heart of everything for Deloss Webber is stone. He collects rocks of varying sizes and types, choosing each one for its individual color, texture and markings. He then adds to the stone’s character by manipulating its surface and enhances it further by intricately weaving it in fibers such as cane, bamboo and reed.

In earlier installations which featured both artists, we were struck by an uncanny relationship between these two diverse bodies of works. In Bott’s, the horizontal redacting of some of the book text along with the overlay of the image creates a textile, almost tapestry-like sensation even though no actual thread or fabric is involved. When installed near Webber’s sculpture, where weaving in fiber is actually present, there is a resonant harmonic sensation that we were excited to explore in this 2- person exhibition.

Born in Ann Arbor, Michigan and raised in Boston, Massachusetts, Renée Bott has always made and worked in art. She worked in fine art print publishing for over 30 years. For the past twenty years, she was a founding partner and Master Printer of Paulson Bott Press, a fine print atelier located in Berkeley, California. Here she worked with luminary artists such as Martin Puryear, Kerry James Marshall and Tauba Auerbach. Renée specialized in facilitating the creation of complex and colorful intaglio prints within a traditionally black and white medium. Paulson Bott Press has published over 500 editions, working with many artists. In 2016, the archive of Paulson Bott Press was acquired by the deYoung Museum in San Francisco.

Deloss Webber has a broad reach when it comes to combining art and traditional craft in his unique works having grown up in Morocco, Spain and Bermuda. He is intent on capturing a quality inherent in the natural world. The fiber fits so seamlessly onto the body of the stone that it seems to have always been there. Webber has an ongoing interest in Japanese basketry and a deep connection to the environment. He learned rattan weaving from his mother while growing up in northern Africa and Spain. He finds constant nourishment in cultures and places beyond his own boundaries. —