Help the Whales While Experiencing the Beauty of Baja

Experience the magic of Mexico with a picturesque trip that also gives back.
Grey Whale (Eschrichtius robustus) tail, San Ignacio Lagoon, El Vizcaino Biosphere Reserve, Baja California, Mexico, March


Empty white sand beaches. Teal and turquoise warm water. Snorkeling with sea life. Endless sunshine and epic sunsets – yes, this may sound like paradise and the setting of many honeymoons and romantic escapes, but if you want to turn a trip into traveling with purpose, then consider an adventure with WILDCOAST.

An international team that conserves our coast and ocean and addresses climate change with natural solutions, WILDCOAST offers exceptional experiences in nature throughout the year to tropical sites, whether you’re witnessing a mass sea turtle nesting in Oaxaca, Mexico, swimming with whale sharks in the Sea of Cortez or exploring a gray whale breeding sanctuary and mangrove restoration project in Baja’s Magdalena Bay. Led by ocean conservationist, author, surfer and WILDCOAST Executive Director Serge Dedina and his team of marine biologists, these adventures are a unique chance to explore the wild beauty of Mexico’s coastline while experiencing first-hand WILDCOAST’s globally recognized conservation projects.

Imagine a private boat whisking you across the Sea of Cortez (called the “aquarium of the world” by Jacques Cousteau) to Isla Espiritu Santo, a national park and untouched island, whose main residents are a raucous sea lion colony. You can snorkel in crystal clear water with these frolicking mammals and a carnival of colorful fish. This is thanks to conservation efforts – marine life in this protected has come back more than 500%. In the La Paz Bay, there’s a chance to swim with whale sharks, the gentle leviathans of the sea, while on the Pacific Coast of Baja, you’ll find Magdalena Bay, one of the world’s last intact California gray whale breeding lagoons.

Gray whales travel from Alaska to birth their calves here in February and March, making it some of the best whale watching in the world, in a protected wildlife haven that Dedina helped conserve some 20 years ago. You’ll navigate this whale sanctuary on small boats called pangas to see them up close in their natural habitat and explore the mangrove forests that ring the glistening bay. These blue carbon ecosystems are a frontline defense against the threats of climate change, so WILDCOAST is working with local villagers to restore and plant these carbon-capturing mangroves that also provide refuge for an abundance of wildlife.

Azul Cortes

The Azul Club at the Costa Baja Resort at Puerta Cortes.

These intimate trips also feature chances to enjoy ceviche and cervezas on powder soft beaches, surf sessions when there’s a nearby break, and strolls through historic towns to experience to local culture, artwork and authentic cuisine with local guides and scientific minds. Guests can relax after their whale adventures at the Costa Baja Resort at Puerta Cortes, the first luxury resort and spa in the city of La Paz, located on the magnificent Sea of Cortez overlooking the Marina and the sea.

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