How the Millennials are Driving Positive Change

Our CVO on how the generation is starting to take hold of the reins of power, driving fundamental transformation for good.
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Abraham Lincoln said, “The best way to predict the future is to create it.” His values and leadership contributed mightily to what’s best about where our country and our world are now. His social impact was profound.

Notwithstanding the barrage of sobering headlines, we live in a better world now than ever before. There is more peace and greater access to education, health care, economic activity, nutrition and entertainment at home and around the world. Many good people who came after Abraham Lincoln helped make this happen. But, happily, the best is yet to come.

The generation starting to take hold of the reins of power — the millennials — are driving fundamental change and widespread social impact. That’s because they expect mission and meaning in all their activities — work, play, shopping, dining experiences, investments, whatever. These digital natives understand intuitively that we’re all connected and need to collaborate to ensure a better and more sustainable future for everyone. This collective activity is driving incredibly fast change for the better.

That’s why I’m particularly bullish about the future. Also, that’s one of the reasons that this magazine, and everything else we publish at the Make It Better Media Group, is created to help you maximize your social impact. We hope that you find our content helpful and engaging. We intend to help you make your life and your community better with our insights and recommendations.

Marin has long been at the forefront of sustainability. Appropriately, our articles this month help you understand and even support more effective farming and fish stock habitat improvement. We’re delighted to include a report on employment trends from the innovative firm Glassdoor, based in Marin. Please watch online for another article about top employers with strong corporate social responsibility practices, based on the company’s research.

In fashion, sustainability and social impact practices that counter the ills of “fast fashion” are becoming the norm. Please see our list of the top brands creating impact online, in addition to reading my Q&A with handbag maker Bridget Brown in this issue.

Quite likely your kids will learn ways to make the world a better place as they also have a great time at every one of the camps included in our annual Summer Camp Guide.

If you’re working on a project or running a business or organization that fosters social impact, we’d like to hear from you. Please send me an email. And to everyone, happy reading.

Susan B. Noyes, Chief Visionary Officer


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