Marin Magazine - April 2014

Paradise Evolved

“One of the home’s most stunning features is a white-beamed skylight, akin to something in a modern art museum, that sits over the home’s stairwell and tilts toward the water.”

Not a Lot of Lots

“Some of the lots on the market are so undesirable that they’ve been for sale for more than seven years — one of the many reasons the teardown market is so hot.”

Right on Track

Jim Wood goes into detail about the Sonoma-Marin Area Rail Transit, coming 2016.

The Happy Home

Here are some useful home improvement tips for every homeowner.

Erika Heineken

14 Questions for Kiteboard Course Racing World Champion Erika Heineken.

Eric Heitz

Marin residents are early adopters of clean-energy technologies.

On the Hunt

Within the next two years, California will have a local source for truffles.