Marin Magazine - May 2016

Look Out And Slow Down

Learn more about how the Marin County sheriff's deputies are checking the speed of bike riders on Open Space district fire roads. Kasia Pawlowska has the info.

Sky's the Limit

Marian Kwon and Monika Rose created Epic Sky, a clothing line that centers on the creative visions and desires of Gen Z girls. Kasia Pawlowska has the details.

Get In Shape With Drop-Ins

Looking for a new fitness class to help get you in summer shape? Associate Editor Kasia Pawlowska has pulled together five drop-in fitness classes here in Marin.

A Bigger Budget And A Stronger Wild

With an expanded budget, the executive director of WildCare talks about the past, the present and the major plans for the organization’s future.

Artists From The County Wrap Our Words In Their Works

The more than 200 participants in this year's cover contest certainly brought their artistic gifts to the game. And once again they used them to full effect, turning in a stunning selection of photography, painting and illustration for our tenth anniversary competition. We're proud to introduce our winner and 12 finalists (in no particular order).

You Too Can Be Baja Bound

While you can’t drink the water on the sun-soaked peninsula, submersing yourself in the gin-clear Sea of Cortez is highly encouraged.

Time To Swim With Giants

Next time you're in Baja, be sure to swim with the sharks in the shallows of the Bay of La Paz in the Sea of Cortez. Ann Wycoff has the details.

You Too Can Visit Romantic Tudor Territory

Grieving Downton Abbey fans can now live out British period drama fantasies near Midhurst, West Sussex, about an hour away from London, at the Cowdray Estate. Kasia Pawlowska has the details.

Gleaning and Growing

Learn more about the Global Education and Action Network. Associate Editor Kasia Pawlowska has the details.

Bridging the Bay

Jessie Bridges returns to Marin. Associate Editor Kasia Pawlowska sits down with Bridges in this month's calendar spotlight.

Coming in First

In matters of real estate, a young family learns the importance of trusting their instincts.

Soothing Sutro

In 1916, the trip to the San Francisco baths from Marin took about two hours and cost less than a dollar.