Marin Magazine - September 2017

The Look

HAVEN LARKSPUR City Fashion in the heart of Marin. Haven is your one-stop shop for the best designers and curated collection this side of the bridge. Come shop Fall 2017, arriving in store now. Pictured: Brochu Walker Vanda V-Neck Sweater,…

Pickleball in Marin

This just might be the most fun you can have playing a sport you may not have heard of.

Lori Sparrow

A lifetime of fundraising has led her to Camp Okizu — and a leading role in supporting families with childhood cancer.

Safe Catch

Testing for mercury levels in fish turns out to be a business that benefits the health of the community.

The Wright App

We take a look at some interesting metrics gathered from a local history app.

Concrete Beauty

This fall, impress with florals, statement reds, leather daywear, checkered patterns and the classic trench.

Education Equality in Marin

What is being done about the fact that Marin has the second-highest level of income inequality of any county in California?

Keep What You Love

When a local realtor bought a house to rehab and resell, he never expected to call it his home.

Luxe Lake Life

The Ritz-Carlton, Lake Tahoe opened a new, fully featured waterfront lake club.

Bike Big Sur

Thanks to the storms and landslides, you can make bike plans for the closed-off portion of Highway 1.

Pizza Nation

Even though there are many styles and tastes, when you’re traveling about the country it’s always smart to try the local pie.

Lunch Is Served

Student meals have come a long way since the days of mystery meat.