Marin Magazine - September 2018

Ride and Dine: Splitrock Tap & Wheel

A former Fairfax Cyclery space in Marin County, which had been operating as just a bike shop, has been reconfigured and now also serves food and an assortment of beers.

Football in Marin

A look at Marin's competitive sports leagues and how schools and team leaders are trying to keep players safe.

Janus Words

Oftentimes people say one thing but mean another, but there are also certain words with conflicting definitions that do this on their own. Named after the two-faced Roman god Janus, these words are also known as contranyms or antagonyms and…

New In Town

Explore In the new and improved Fab Lab at Sausalito’s Bay Area Discovery Museum, children solve challenges on an analog coding wall and work with a 3D modeling application, along with other innovative tools and technology;   Shop The…