SPACES - July 2018

Prague Past & Present

Getting familiar with Czech Republic architecture, glass, food, beer and angst at an annual design fair in the country’s most famous city.

Saving the Farm

With challenges on just about every side, the architect on this Sonoma remodel decided to build a separate structure and connect it with a glass-paned bridge.


Looking back into the future: artist Andy Hope’s twisted optimism.

Sea Change

Willis Polk’s Beach Chalet began as a dream to enliven Ocean Beach.

Creative Growth

Two landscape architects, whose projects include private estates as well as AT&T Park, experiment with a range of plants at the home base.

An Artist's Progress

At home, a painter collages together the loves of her life: art, books and childhood mementos.


Functional dungeons and dragons inspire real-life rooms in a San Francisco victorian.

Country Airs

A refined yet durable wine country retreat belies its rural setting.

Beach Babylon

A breezy, light-hearted renovation on the Marin coast adds warmth and comfort for guests as well as others.

Crowd Pleaser founder Mariam Naficy trusted her instincts and went on to form Minted, a new greeting card business that invites lay designers and artists to widen the creative playing field.

Fields of Dreams

Wine is not enough: experiential design is the new brand in wineries today.

Step by Step: Mosaic Art

A mosaic artist’s inspired fireplaces, hearths and backsplashes have their geneses in her much-touted outdoor masterwork.

Editor's Welcome

HOMESPUN DESIGN always rings true and the best interior designers vie for that kind of truth, to avoid the plastic polish of the very new. It’s a fine line, because if affected, such interiors can quickly look posed, as many…