marin history

San Rafael's Fiesta Day Parade

15th annual Fiesta Day Parade, held on Sunday, August 29, 1948 honored the forthcoming feast day of the archangel Raphael, for whom the City of San Rafael was named.

A 1944 Mount Tamalpais Plane Crash

Mount Tamalpais is known for its gorgeous nature and vistas, but hidden on the mountain are the remnants of a tragedy that occurred 74 years ago.

Marin Hot Tubs

Few topics are as famously Marin as hot tubs. Soak up the interesting history behind this relaxing pastime activity.

Haunted Sites in Marin

Wanting to explore some haunted houses? Look no further than Marin — a county with its share of paranormal activity.

Muir Woods Inn

This establishment also served the “The Crookedest Railroad in the World.”