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Leading the Charge

Last month’s power outage and other effects of the Kincade Fire resulted in several versions of this column, written at local coffee shops, and a newfound sense of community.

Editor's Note - Stick to it

Whatever method you choose to stay healthy — dance, meditation, hiking, stretching — it only works if you keep at it.

Wedding Details

From first date to wedding: four couples share details of their special day.

Yoga Moves Marin

Beautiful poses in stunning locations to inspire a healthy take on the New Year.

Snowboarding Towns

Have you found it? Has it found you? Here’s what’s happening in some of our favorite snowbound towns.

Volunteering In Marin: Be a Watcher

There are plenty of opportunities to stand around and do something in Marin — from counting to photographing to measuring. The following organizations are looking for volunteer observers to document all kinds of data.

Changing Careers

Here are five Marin residents who have embraced change and are taking the risk needed to reinvent themselves and turn their passions into their day jobs.

Crock Pot Cooking

This winter, take the time to prepare something simple, warm and delicious. Lynda Balslev shares four great recipes.


Life at the crossroads of West Marin.