The Art of Wellness

Sausalito's Harmonia.

Harmonia founder and managing partner Jennifer Adler (second from right) with happy members.

Two years ago, a small group of visionaries campaigned at city hall to take over the historic Plant building in the Marin Ship. They called their new business Harmonia and wanted to offer wellness programs, music and education. After many ups and downs, road blocks and challenges, they are on the verge of truly re-inventing the space with renovations and upgrades that preserve the historic and bohemian character of the building while enhancing and refreshing its spirit.

Harmonia is housed in the former site of the iconic recording studio known as The Record Plant in Sausalito’s Marin Ship district where famed artists such as Fleetwood Mac, Dave Matthews, The Rolling Stones and Bob Marley all recorded. While music is still an important part of the curriculum on site with DJ dance parties and live musical performances, Harmonia also offers Pilates, yoga and wellness classes, massage and acupuncture –– an eclectic mix of “feel good”. You can soak in a hot tub, juice and cleanse, nosh on a Bento box, ponder green tea leaves or sip your personal wines stored onsite.

Social Club & Wellness Center

The new concept is for a social club that is also a wellness center. They like to call it a place for “design junkies, music lovers and fashion-seekers”. “We are channeling all the powerful creative energy and history these musicians crafted, continuing the legacy of The Plant through Harmonia,” said founder Jennifer Adler. “We want to be the next generation creative vehicle for people to experience all the magic within these walls and Sausalito.”

The grounds have been beautifully landscaped – with gardens, fire pits and walkways; an outdoor spa has been installed with hot tubs, showers and sauna. Regular classes are attracting locals (where else can you take a Pilates class for $12?); even paddle boarding is offered just across the street by the Bay Model waterfront. Groups gather for intimate live music performances and wine, or for thought-provoking presentations and workshops on nutrition and healing. The range of programs and services is quite broad and somewhat daunting, but hopefully sustainable as they fine tune their new image.

At a recent event to recruit new members and sponsors, a warm, candlelit interior welcomed guests with wine and cheese. Guest spilled out into the newly landscaped exterior patios and were a potpourri of soccer moms in designer denim, newborn babies, dogs, bohemian-clad baby boomers (who actually grew up listening to the music produced at The Plant) as well as Millenniums and Gen X’ers dressed to the nines or dressed down. The aura was warm and fuzzy, Zen-like and hip all at once.

Now Open for Membership

The business model is for a membership-based club, including 50 founding members who will help fuel ongoing investments in renovating the property in return for unlimited and free classes, hot tubs and other member privileges, as well as a percentage of ownership in the club. For more information on these opportunities email

In my opinion, Harmonia is a great model for new enterprise in the Marin Ship area. While the managing partners may not have realized the significance of the restoration they undertook when they leased the building, they are to be applauded for keeping the space a special place and preserving that heritage.

Their next major event is a dance party with DJ Max, Saturday, February 28, 8 PM; just one of the many performances they host in keeping with The Plant’s musical heritage. There is a $40 cover charge which includes a free drink and a complimentary massage. 

Go by and check it out. And don’t be put off by the “For Sale” sign on the side of the building. Harmonia is alive and well and kicking, and about to scale to the next level. A grand opening and public celebration is planned for this Spring. Stay tuned.

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